Best macOS backend for graphics in Spyder IDE

This time it will be short review of what I have found. As you can read here I got to work Spyder IDE in macOS as standalone app with Python 3.5 in it (backed it up in DMG file).

As I usually work with EEG data I picked a MNE module for my data analysis tool. In this manner I need to use interactive graphs and plots. On retina screen which is not still managable in Qt5 enviroment from some reason.

So, what to do when using retina resolution at macOS and would like to use interactive plots?

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Data science with Python? No problem!

Maybe you think what is the purpose of using Python when MATLAB is around (or maybe Maple, Mathematica or even R). First of all I lived in paradigm that Python is only good for learning and for proper coding I would rather use C++ and for scientific computation MATLAB or R.

My EEG expertize is based on MATLABs toolbox EEGLAB. I faced too many times compatability issues (newer version of MATLAB versus newer version of EEGLAB) and so slow performace (in some tasks). Since then I re-discovered a Python programming language and started to experiment with it.

Then i found excelent tool for EEG analysis Python-MNE, machine learningĀ and others. Not even that works everywhere and it is open-source but it is soooo faster than MATLAB. Did I mention that every Python module I have tried had great documentation with gallery of most wanted exampled from scratch to final product? And tutorials on GitHub? No? Well, that’s why I try to switch to Python as many scientists are nowadays.

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