Online visual angle converter

As I face sometimes to converting visual angle to size in pixels and vice versa in some experiments I have decided to adopt a JavaScript tool which runs in a browser to convert these units.

Since I use a lot excelent piece of software called OpenSesameĀ for building my experiments I found a documentation for visual angle conversion from Sebastiaan MathĆ“t.

So I adopted his Python 2.7 code into JavaScript to be able to quickly convert visual angle units on the run without Python installed. Maybe you find it useful too:



Send EEG triggers from OpenSesame via parallel port

For my all EEG paradigms I need to send marks (triggers) via parallel port to EEG to make a stamp when stimuli occurred and which one was that.

In my lab we use Biosemi ActiveTwo 64 active electrode system which can work only with 0-255 range of values. It means you can tag only 255 event types in your recording.

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