Frontal alpha asymmetry toolbox for EEGLAB

I would like to introduce my EEGLAB toolbox for computing frontal alpha asymmetry index. This can be useful to getting affective component in terms of its valence.


One of famous paper from Coan and Allen (2004) established new paradigm on Richard Davidsonā€™s work about frontal alpha asymmetry (FAA) and its reaction to affective conditions (especially to affective disorders like anxiety or depression).

There is no other tool (as far as I know) that would help you to compute frontal alpha asymmetry. First what is it anyway?

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List directory and find files by extension or containg string in MATLAB

Time to time researcher needs to find all files which are in specified directory. And time to time he or she needs to find very specific files.

Those can be specified by file extensions e.g., find all *.mp3 or *.set file in my project folder. Maybe it should be useful to find all files that meets specified experimental condition e.g., find all epoched data in folder. And very rare it is needed to access all files which are epoched and they are *.set at the same time.

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