Best macOS backend for graphics in Spyder IDE

This time it will be short review of what I have found. As you can read here I got to work Spyder IDE in macOS as standalone app with Python 3.5 in it (backed it up in DMG file).

As I usually work with EEG data I picked a MNE module for my data analysis tool. In this manner I need to use interactive graphs and plots. On retina screen which is not still managable in Qt5 enviroment from some reason.

So, what to do when using retina resolution at macOS and would like to use interactive plots?

Luckily there is very easy solution. Just set up the iPython console graphics backend to OS X. Then restart Spyder IDE and you are ready to go.

Set OSX graphics backend.png

For complete sence I put there some images of default Qt5 backend:

Qt5 graphics backend.png

And automatic backend picked by Spyder IDE:

Automatic graphics backend.png

After seting to OS X one you will see instant imporovement. And also interactive plots works great!

Fixed retina resolution.png


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